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8 Things Airline Hosts Don't Want You To Know

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By The Secret Traveller

They’re your smiley, helpful friends in the air, the bringers of food and the fixers of problems. But airline hosts have a few secrets…

They Have Codes

San Fransico

These will vary from airline to airline, but I’ve heard a few great ones. For example, if you hear a host referring to a passenger called “Bob” – as in, “I see Bob is in five-delta” – then they’re probably talking about the person they’ve judged “best on board”. As in the best-looking passenger. Who’s sitting in seat 5D. Another code is to work it into travel talk. “I’m going to spend seven days in California,” is a way of drawing attention to the passenger in 7C.

They're Tired


You think you’re tired on a long flight? Imagine having spent the last 10 hours waiting on people hand and foot, cleaning toilets and trying to calm babies, fetching drinks and solving problems. They might be soldiering on gamely, but you can bet the hosts are a lot more tired than you are.

They Crop Dust

This ain’t pretty, but the combination of high altitude and weird food can really mess with a person’s intestinal system, causing a fair bit of unwanted gas. And there are hosts out there who have figured out the best way to get rid of it: casually wander past that passenger who’s been complaining the whole flight and silently let one rip.

Their Job Is Nowhere Near As Glamorous As You Might Think

You see them swishing through the airport in their fancy uniforms, off to somewhere exotic, all smiles and smart attire, and you figure that must be one of the most glamorous jobs around. But so much of what a host has to do isn’t pretty. It’s cleaning vomit off bathroom walls. It’s scraping food off the floor. It’s waiting on annoying passengers. It’s fast turnarounds and constant jet-lag. That’s not glamorous.

They've Heard That Pick-Up Line Before

Think you’re the first person to ever hit on a host at 30,000 feet? Think again. Randy business travellers and people of all creeds seem to fancy their chances with the airline staff, and treat them to all manner of sketchy pick-up lines. No, they don’t want to join the mile-high club with you.

What Goes On Tour Stays On Tour

They might not be interested in the advances of sweaty businessmen, but that doesn’t mean the airline hosts are angels when they’re travelling. This is a profession that almost seems custom-built for extra-marital dalliances among the staff – it’s all short layovers, far from home, in nice hotel rooms with plenty of booze in the mini-bar. This is a nudge-nudge, wink-wink sort of arrangement. What goes on tour stays on tour.

They Haven't Actually Run Out Of Beer - You're Just Drunk


It might not be beer. Maybe it’s wine, or spirits, or packets of nuts, or whatever it is that your heart desires. Hosts don’t have a lot of power, but one thing they can do if you’re getting drunk – or just extremely annoying – is pretend that they’ve run out of the things that you’re asking for. Don’t take this to heart. Take it as a sign that you’re being a pain in the ass.

They're Not Really That Happy To See You

It’s part of the job – airline hosts have to be nice. They have to be smiley and polite. They have to greet you like an old friend. They have to be courteous at all times. That doesn’t mean that actually like you, or want to have anything to do with you. It just means that they’re good at their job.


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