How to Pimp Your RV (Without Spending a Fortune)

RV ownership is great. You literally can take your life and travels anywhere you’d like to go that has a road. And when you’re talking Canada, the Continental U.S. and beyond, that’s an astounding amount of distance for you to explore and enjoy.

Because your RV is so important to you, you want to make it shine as brightly as possible. In many cases, this is achieved through a variety of additions, enhancements and modifications you can make. Of course, you’ve spent a pretty penny on your RV as a whole.

Do you really want to drop thousands more into some sort of novelty?

The key is to find the best modifications you can install – without burning through your retirement fund getting them installed on your vehicle. Below, check out several great tips on how to make your RV experience even better – without going broke!

Cover the Basics with Regular Wash & Wax!

While keeping your RV clean and waxed should come as a no-brainer, take a look around any RV circle next time you’re out on the road. What you’ll find may very well surprise you – gritty grills, dusty tops and a lack of overall luster.

Can you believe that a basic wash and wax performed regularly can really make your RV look better than most other ‘mods’ you can install? Think about it from an overall perspective. Small additions and tweaks only affect one specific area of your vehicle. But a consistently clean, waxed and shiny RV looks good from head-to-toe.

If your RV is the one that shines the brightest at the park, you’ll be the one receiving all sorts of compliments. And to think, it’s that easy with just a bit of routine cleaning and maintenance.

Upgrade the Interior with Used Equipment

One of the most important components to your RV is the interior. Remember, you and your family will be spending a significant amount of time within your vehicle. Why wouldn’t you want to make the inside of your RV the best it can be?

The good news is that you don’t have to blow your budget out of the water to make your interior an even better place to live. In fact, you can easily make changes, upgrades and replacements if you’re willing to dive a bit into the used market.

Finding used and salvaged RV parts and accessories is not too difficult – particularly here in the Internet age. Sometimes, however, all you need is to ask around. No matter where you are in your travels, ask other fellow RV travellers where to buy used equipment. It won’t take long for you to find some great deals – and make some improvements to the inside of your vehicle.

Get Even More Mobile with a Bike Mount

One of the biggest bummers you’ll face while you’re adventuring is a ‘road closed’ sign. If your RV can’t trek across a specific area, you’ll have to park it and reassess your plan. Does this mean you have to abandon your adventure forward?

Of course not! Why not hop onto your bicycle and explore areas where your RV can’t go?

A bike rack is a quick and easy installation onto either the top or back of your RV. And bringing a few bicycles along for the ride means you won’t be stopped – no matter where the road takes you.

Plenty of Adventure Ahead

As you can see, even a few minor adjustments can bring some major advantages to your RV. The road ahead is an exciting one. Live it up exploring our world – and enjoy the great RV experience without blowing through your savings.


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