What Do Canadians Really Think Of Each Nationality?

If you’re getting ready to travel, experiencing another country’s culture is an important component of the trip. You’re going to be immersing yourself in all sorts of new and exciting things. This often means that you’ll come face-to-face with some major cultural differences from Canadian life.

Now is the time to really spill the beans: what do Canadians really think of other nationalities and cultures?

So which stereotypes do you have without realizing it? Have a look at a few of the stereotypes Canadians have for other countries and nationalities.

American Stereotype

We all may have a pre-concieved notion of the American stereotype that might not be so positive.

For Canadians who have visited their Southern neighbor, however, it’s easy to see that these stereotypes are predominately false.

America is an enormous and highly diverse land. Across all the lands, however, you’ll likely find genuinely friendly and caring people who are interested in hearing all about your story. This holds true whether you’re on the East Coast, West Coast or down in the South.

Italian Stereotype

We’ve all likely heard this stereotype. Italians are the masters of being lovers and enjoying their time. And when you travel to the great country, you may have a few encounters that confirm this presumption.

But the truth is that there’s much more to the Italian people than love and pasta. It takes a huge amount of work to establish a world reputation for culinary excellence. From olive and other farming to intense culinary training, Italians work as hard as the rest of the world in what they do.

Indian Stereotype

Lots of press from the vastness of India reflects a few misconceptions about the country.

When you look at the current state of life in India today, you'll discover that these stereotypes reflect a much older conception of the country. As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, India has dramatically improved many of the issues affecting their people such as poverty. Additionally, the country showcases a dynamic film and tech industry that remain highly competitive across the globe.

Visiting the country’s many amazing sights and sounds will show you all the dynamism this region of the world has to offer.

Irish Stereotype

There’s no denying that the Irish people love their whiskey and Guinness. But if that’s you’re only understanding of Ireland and the people therein, you’re gravely mistaken.

Ireland features a country that’s filled with a rich history and a bright future. The truth is that Ireland's economy is one of the fastest growing all across Europe -- even faster than Britain, France and Germany! In fact, the country has continued to draw in professionals in all industries to help fuel this growth.

Don’t let your stereotypes keep you away from this beautiful, rich land.

Overcoming The Stereotypes

As you can see, all of these example points represent an exercise in stereotypes. The more we learn about other countries, cultures and people, the more we realize the unbelievable range of differences we all have.

Stereotypes decrease your enjoyment of a new culture because they are based on your presumptions. And your presumptions could easily create a false conception – and a worse experience – of a new culture or nationality.

When you’re traveling outside of Canada, use the time to really work toward an authentic experience. You’ll quickly see that the stereotypes you may hold likely don’t hold up when encountering real people. Even better, this open-mindedness will ensure you’ll have an even more enjoyable experience throughout your vacation.


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