Family Travel Insurance

If you are planning your family holiday, make sure you get travel insurance with 1Cover.

Family Travel Insurance Features & Benefits

When you're planning a trip, whether it is an overseas adventure or a winter vacation in the States, you can take the kids along at no extra cost. We understand how important your family is. You get to travel with value and security, and more to spend on your family getaway. 

There is no better way to bond than to travel together. Holidays abroad, family ski weekends, camping trips, or visits to see friends and relatives – whatever your destination it's nice to know you can travel with peace of mind without having to stretch your budget. Kids under 21 travelling with 2 adults can be added to our Annual BorderHop and Medical policies. Children under 2 are included under the medical benefits at no added cost on All Inclusive Single Trip and Frequent Traveller policies. The quote box above gives a quote for a single trip family medical only policy, for an annual policy for your family please head to our Annual BorderHop page.


Our Family plans offer the following product features and benefits:

With 10 years of expertise and over one million customers worldwide, we understand the importance of travelling together safely and affordably. That’s why we provide emergency medical coverage, 24/7 live assistance, and other great features to make your travels worry-free. 

  • Emergency medical coverage during your trip. 

  • Kids get the same great medical coverage for unexpected injury or illness that you do. 

  • Emergency dental coverage. 

  • Need help with lost luggage? Our BagTrak feature eliminates this common travel hassle. We will help you track down luggage that has been lost. 

  • Live travel hotline. This service is great for re-booking flights, last-minute hotel reservations, and other travel-related problems that arise while you are on your trip. No worries; assistance is available 24/7. 

  • Friendly and helpful concierge service for help finding tickets to sporting events, shows and other events you want to take the family to.


Our Emergency Medical Travel Insurance provides cover for emergency medical costs which you may be faced with if you have a medical emergency. Explore our Table Of Benefits to see all the cover provided.

Table Of Benefits


Read the full policy wording in our Product Disclosure Statement for more details including full terms and conditions, limits and exclusions that apply.


Policy Wording




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FAQs About Family Travel Insurance

  • How Many Dependents Can Be Added To My Plan?
  • We offer coverage for up to 5 children at no additional cost on our BorderHop and Medical plans.

  • What About Single Parents?
  • Our family plans require at least two paying travellers. If you are a single parent travelling with up to 6 children, the eldest will be charged and up to 5 children will be covered at no additional cost.

  • Can Kids Over 2 Be Added To Comprehensive Policies?
  • Yes, simply add them to the policy in the space provided. Children over 2 will be charged accordingly.

  • Who Qualifies As A Dependent?
  • Your children or grandchildren under the age of 21. They must be related to the actual policy holder or primary insured, and travelling with two adults. 

  • How Many Trips Can I Take With My Family?
  • You can take an unlimited number of trips with our Annual BorderHop plan, which covers as many trips as you want within a 12 month period. There is no need to inform us of each trip you take. 

  • Can I Travel Anywhere With My Family?
  • Sure. Our policies provide worldwide coverage, excluding Cuba. You are also covered for trips within Canada as long as they are outside of your home province. 

  • Why Is Travel Insurance Important?
  • Travel insurance is an important part of travelling safely and worry-free. With 1Cover, you get to enjoy travelling with your family, without having to be concerned about common travel-related issues or covering the costs of a medical emergency. We offer several different family travel insurance plans. Choose the one that fits your travelling style. Annual BorderHop provides unlimited travel within a year and is great for multiple trips to the States. If you and your family love to travel widely and often, check out our Frequent Traveller policy. Our Emergency Medical policy is great for low cost travel. Our All Inclusive Single Trip provides comprehensive coverage for a one-time trip, you decide where and how long. We also have coverage for travellers coming to Canada with our Visitors to Canada policy. 



Why Choose 1Cover Travel Insurance?

BagTrak Service

Lost luggage is an unfortunate reality of travelling. Don't spend your holiday on the phone with the airline, BagTrak services can help to locate and deliver lost or delayed luggage.



One Million Customers

We are proud to say that we have provided cover to over one million customers around the world. We have a travel insurance policy to suit your needs.


Concierge Service

If you need help trying to find hard-to-get tickets to concerts or sporting events while travelling, our Concierge Service is available 24/7 to help you do all of these and more!


LiveTravel Team

If something goes wrong while you are travelling our LiveTravel™ team will assist you with most travel-related problems, such as re-booking flights, making last minute hotel reservations, land transportation, and more.

Coverage For The Family

Children under 21 are covered at no additional cost on our BorderHop™ and Medical plans. Up to 5 children are covered at no additional cost when travelling with two adults. Children must be related to, and accompanied by the policy holder or primary insured.

24 Hour Emergency Help

You can rest assured knowing that you have 24/7 emergency assistance. We are there for you when you need us most.