Annual Border Hop Travel Insurance

Annual BorderHop Features & Benefits

When you go on a trip, you want peace of mind. That’s why having travel insurance from a trusted, experienced insurance company like 1Cover Travel Insurance is so important. It’s not just about playing it safe, it’s about making sure that you have the best experience possible every time you travel. 

A travel budget can be a burden, especially for the regular traveller who enjoys getting out and spreading their wings as much as possible. Great news for frequent travellers – vacationing and exploring the world may be expensive, but travel insurance doesn’t have to be! 1Cover Travel Insurance offers affordable, reliable coverage for the adventure-loving Canadian traveller. The Annual BorderHop plan provides year-long protection for unlimited trips to almost anywhere in the world. It is one of the most competitive plans available, and it comes with the ultra-friendly service that 1Cover is known for.


Our Annual BorderHop policy offers the following product features and benefits:

With the Annual BorderHop plan, you get everything you need for your trip plus the extras that will make you feel not just protected, but appreciated. 

  • Emergency medical protection: including hospital expenses, emergency dental treatment, and even coverage for return home if need be. 

  • Need someone at your bedside because of an unexpected hospital stay? No worries - flights, insurance, and basic meals are covered for your bedside companion. 

  • A convenient 24/7 travel hotline. If you need to make last minute travel arrangements, switch hotel reservations, re-book flights, or require assistance with anything travel-related, you’ve got it with the BorderHop coverage.  

  • BagTrak services. You know how often luggage gets lost. It's great having a team to help you track down your lost luggage when you travel! 

  • Need assistance finding concert tickets or want to watch the game while you are travelling? No problem. 24/7 concierge service is included in all BorderHop Travel Insurance plans.  

  • Passport pal makes travelling abroad with your insurance documents a breeze. Fit your certificate of coverage snugly into your passport wallet, hop in your plane, train, or automobile, and enjoy the ride. You are covered!

It's nice having a plan that covers you in an emergency, and that looks after you. No wonder 1Cover Travel Insurance has over one million happy customers worldwide!


Our Annual BorderHop travel insurance provides cover for emergency medical, in case you have a medical emergency while away from home. Explore our Table Of Benefits to see all the cover provided.

Table Of Benefits


Read the full policy wording in our Product Disclosure Statement for more details including full terms and conditions, limits and exclusions that apply.


Policy Wording




FAQs About Annual BorderHop Trip Cover

  • What Is The Annual Border Hop Policy?
  • At 1Cover Travel Insurance, our Annual BorderHop Insurance policy is an emergency medical policy that covers you for an unlimited number of trips for a 12 month period. 

  • Is There A Limit On Trip Length During The 12 Month Policy? 
  • There is a limit on the length of your trip. However, the BorderHop Policy offers three different options regarding the length of your trip: up to 9 days, up to 16 days, and up to 30 days. Choose the trip length that suits your needs best! And if you need to top-up for a particular trip, just give us a call and pay for any additional days that you need.

  • Does The Policy Cover Hospital Expenses? 
  • If you’re in the hospital for at least 48 hours, the Annual BorderHop insurance policy covers up to $50 per day for additional hospital expenses like phone calls, rentals on the television, and more. 

  • Does The Policy Cover Emergency Dental Care? 
  • Emergency dental care is covered, up to $1,000 for an accidental blow to the face, and up to $300 when the dental care is required for another reason. 

  • Does The Policy Cover An Emergency Evacuation? 
  • If you need to be evacuated and returned home due to a pre-approved medical condition, the cost is covered under your policy. 

  • Who Is The Annual BorderHop Policy For?  
  • Anyone who plans to travel outside of their home province more than once per year can benefit from this policy. Those aged 60 and over can still benefit from an Annual BorderHop policy, simply call 1-877-328-2530 to complete a quick medical questionnaire. 

  • How Can The Annual BorderHop Policy Help If I’m Injured, Sick, Or Hospitalized? 
  • The Annual BorderHop Policy can help you in several ways if you’re in the hospital or otherwise unable to manage your responsibilities. 
    If you’re travelling by yourself, your policy can cover the cost of flights, insurance, and subsistence for a companion to stay with you in the hospital after three days. 
    If your hospital stay lasts for longer than 24 hours, your policy can cover the cost of flying your dependents back to their departure point. 
    If you’re unable to return your vehicle to its departure point due to a medical emergency, your policy can cover the cost of returning it for you. 
    If you need to return home due to a medical condition, your policy can cover the cost of transporting your pet back to the departure point. 

  • How Can The Policy Help With Trip Planning? 
  • If you need assistance during your trip, we’re here to help! Ask us about bank services, request driving directions, inquire about travel advice, get help with ticket bookings and dinner reservations. 

  • How Can The Policy Help If Travel Plans Need To Be Modified? 
  • We include 24/7 assistance re-booking flights, reserving hotels, and many other travel related questions or issues. 

  • Does The Policy Offer Luggage Protection? 
  • Your policy includes a team dedicated to the timely, accurate, and efficient tracking and follow-up to find your lost luggage. 

  • What If I Don’t Have A Government Health Insurance Plan (GHIP)? 
  • If you don’t have a government health insurance policy for your entire trip, your policy can cover you for up to $20,000 in emergency medical benefits. 


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Why Choose 1Cover Travel Insurance?

BagTrak Service

Lost luggage is an unfortunate reality of travelling. Don't spend your holiday on the phone with the airline, BagTrak services can help to locate and deliver lost or delayed luggage.



One Million Customers

We are proud to say that we have provided cover to over one million customers around the world. We have a travel insurance policy to suit your needs.


Concierge Service

If you need help trying to find hard-to-get tickets to concerts or sporting events while travelling, our Concierge Service is available 24/7 to help you do all of these and more!


LiveTravel Team

If something goes wrong while you are travelling our LiveTravel™ team will assist you with most travel-related problems, such as re-booking flights, making last minute hotel reservations, land transportation, and more.

Coverage For The Family

Children under 21 are covered at no additional cost on our BorderHop™ and Medical plans. Up to 5 children are covered at no additional cost when travelling with two adults. Children must be related to, and accompanied by the policy holder or primary insured.

24 Hour Emergency Help

You can rest assured knowing that you have 24/7 emergency assistance. We are there for you when you need us most.