Travel Insurance Considerations

Whether you are a frequent traveller or take occasional vacations, there are many reasons why you should consider travel insurance.

Here are some things you will want to take into consideration when choosing which travel insurance is right for you:

Frequent Traveller Plans

If you travel often, whether for business or pleasure, travel insurance can be a valuable tool. Policies that are tailored for frequent travellers cover you for a 12 month period, and can include unlimited trips within that coverage time. A policy will cover you for trips as long as 90 days, which is excellent news for those who go on long business trips.

Single Trip Plans

If you do not travel often, purchasing a single trip plan is probably your best option. Affordable plans that offer excellent coverage are available to those who take one vacation a year.


Do you have children travelling with you? If so, and if they are under 21 years of age, they may be covered by your plan at no additional charge. Select plans will cover up to five children at no additional cost when travelling with two insured adults.

Change Of Plans

If you have ever been on a trip with long delays or cancellations along the way, you know how frustrating it can be. You might lose a day or more when you are at the mercy of an airline that has cancelled your flight. Travel insurance can help you in these situations. Extra nights in a hotel or airline fees due to changes beyond your control can be covered by your policy.

Lost Or Stolen Possessions

Unfortunately wallets, traveller’s checks, passports, and other personal belongings can get lost or stolen while you are travelling. With travel insurance, you have an ally on your side to help get these things replaced quickly.

Missing Luggage

What happens when you arrive at your destination but your luggage doesn’t? Airlines will typically provide you with a small allowance to pick up some necessities while you wait for your bags to arrive. Travel insurance gives you comfort in knowing that you will have what you need. The insurance company can help get you situated with all you require.

Are You A Daredevil

Do you enjoy traveling to places where you can participate in different sports and activities? Certain sports in particular come with inherent risks. You may be able to purchase specific insurance coverage that is perfect for your next adventure.

Local And Foreign Travel

Some people only consider travel insurance for overseas travels. Things happen when travelling to locally too. Why not look into coverage for domestic trips? Or, if you live close to the border, for quick trips to the U.S.?

It Is Not Too Late

Preparing to leave on a trip can be a busy time. You have plans to make, packing to take care of, perhaps you have to make childcare arrangements, or arrange for pet care. If purchasing a travel insurance policy slipped your mind, don’t worry. You may still be able to purchase a policy even after arriving at your destination.

Customized Plans

You can choose which travel plan is right for you. Before deciding, be sure to check your current medical and other insurance plans to see if they do in fact cover you while you are travelling. Travel insurance may be able to provide coverage where your existing plans do not.


Peace of mind is what travel insurance is all about. Have you worried about this or that when planning a trip? Put your mind at ease by purchasing a travel insurance policy.

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