What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Our travel insurance covers a range of things that could go wrong while on holiday such as overseas medical assistance, luggage and lots more.

When deciding what cover you need you should always refer to our PDS for all the terms and conditions that apply.

Explore Some Of Our All Inclusive Coverage

  • 24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance: Our emergency assistance coordinators, doctors and nurses can help you anywhere in the world, anytime of day.
  • Emergency Medical: Reimbursement for covered Emergency Medical expenses incurred during your Trip.
  • Non-GHIP: If you do not have GHIP for the full duration of your trip, your aggregate limit for all emergency medical benefits will be $20,000.
  • Hospital Expense: We cover your incidental hospital expenses (telephone calls, television rental) while you are hospitalized for at least 48 hours.
  • Emergency Dental: We provide coverage for emergency dental treatment. Coverage up to $1000 for an accidental blow to the face or mouth and up to $300 for other cause.
  • Bedside Companion: If you are travelling alone and admitted to hospital for 3 or more days we will cover flights, insurance and subsistence for someone to be with you.
  • Emergency Professional Services: Expenses resulting from an Emergency for services from a licensed physiotherapist, chiropractor, chiropodist, podiatrist or osteopath, if ordered by a Physician, up to the benefit limit.
  • Return of Dependent: If you are hospitalized for more than 24 hours while on a trip, we will cover the extra cost for your dependent to be returned to their departure point.
  • Return of Vehicle: If you are unable to drive your vehicle to the original departure point due to an emergency, we will cover the reasonable cost to return the vehicle to your residence.
  • Return to Trip Destination: If, following a request from our medical department, you return to your departure point for medical treatment, and provided that your attending physician in your home province determines that you require no further medical attention, we cover the cost of a one-way economy air fare to transport you to your scheduled trip destination.
  • Pet Return: If you are travelling with a domestic dog or cat while on your trip and you must return to your home province because of a medical condition, we will cover the cost of one-way transportation of your pet to your departure point.
  • Emergency Evacuation: When pre-approved, we provide coverage for your return to your home province because of your medical condition.
  • Return of Remains: If you die during Your Trip we cover reasonable expenses to return you home to your departure point.
  • Flight Accident: You are covered in the event of a flight accident sustained during a trip due to covered risks outlined in the policy wording. Coverage includes accidental death and accidental bodily injury.
  • Travel Accident: You are covered in the event of a travel accident sustained during a trip due to covered risks outlined in the policy wording. Coverage includes accidental death and accidental bodily injury.

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