Young at Heart – Where to Find Active Snowbird Vacations?

Snowbirds travel south to escape the cold winters, enjoy the sunshine, and have a great time. For some, walks along the shore and a morning game of golf or a relaxing swim are perfect. For the young at heart, however, a little adventure mixed in with the serenity is the ideal.

Active snowbirds are experts at vacation adventures, from fishing tours to snorkeling excursions. Some people are easily fooled by Snowbirds, assuming they only want to take things easy. In reality, as devoted winter travelers, they are some of the best adventurers and explorers out there. They love and embrace new destinations, as long as there is no snow shoveling involved. The following are some of the experiences that active Snowbirds love, and some of the best places to enjoy them.


Sailing, kayaking, canoeing, you name it, Snowbirds know how to navigate the water. Boating can be incredibly fun, which is why you will find winter holiday travellers at the oar all over the south. Some of the best places to experience fun on the water are:

  • Sarasota, Florida is great for kayaking. Try a kayaking eco tour, watch manatees, or navigate the warm Floridian waters as the sun rises.
  • Francis Marion National Forest, South Carolina is an ideal spot for a canoeing adventure. Canoe down the Wambaw Creek Wilderness trail and check out the wildlife. Don’t forget your waterproof camera!
  • San Diego, California is a great place to have an amazing sailing adventure. Take lessons and explore all in one guided vacation.


Snowbirds take fishing to a whole new level. It’s not just about throwing a line into the water and waiting for a bite. With opportunities for deep sea and saltwater fishing throughout Florida, hooking bass, catfish, and trout along the Colorado River, and sport fishing off Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, there are so many adventures to be had. Make sure you rent good quality equipment. A great way to learn a few tips and hone your skills is to take a couple lessons or go on a fishing tour.


Snorkeling is thrilling, and a must on every Snowbird’s bucket list. There are plenty of great places to explore the underwater world, from Florida’s reefs to Central America, and even Australia. If you fall in love with snorkeling, you can sign up for a diving class! Where to snorkel? Try these tropical destinations:

  • Key West, Florida
  • Crystal River, Florida
  • The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
  • Silver Bank, Dominican Republic
  • Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  • Catalina Island, California


Hiking the Appalachian Trail, the White Sand Dunes of New Mexico, or the Grand Canyon of Arizona is always remarkable. Hiking through nature, appreciating the scenery, and taking a few wildlife photos is pure adventure and fun. A lot of Snowbirds are big hikers, as well as campers. Rent a cabin or take your RV and stay at one of these majestic parks for a few days to get a real adventure.

Do’s and Don’ts for Active Snowbirds

Follow a few basic tips to make sure you stay safe while exploring on your vacation.

  • Do have fun on the water, safely. Always bring a life preserver, and don’t forget to pack food and water in case you are on the water for longer than expected. The sun can be draining without the shade of land.
  • Don’t go boating, snorkeling or deep sea fishing alone. Have fun with experienced friends or with a guided tour.
  • Do try something new. Never kayaked before? No problem, you can take lessons.
  • Don’t try something you are not ready for. Some experiences, like white water rafting and ocean sailing can be challenging. Make sure you have experience or go with a professional.
  • Do dress appropriately when outdoors. High-quality boots, UV protective sunglasses, and other hiking gear are essential.
  • Don’t assume hiking is just a walk in the woods. Make sure you are in shape before attempting a long or challenging hike.
  • There are so many exciting activities for Snowbirds to enjoy. Just do them safely. Take lessons or go on tours when you want to learn how to do things. Start small with easy excursions. Be prepared, always taking plenty of food and water with you on your adventures, as well as all necessary safety equipment. Always travel with travel insurance. 1Cover’s travel insurance policies are available for all ages, so you can enjoy your winter holidays to the fullest, year after year.


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