10 Best Cities for Snowbirds

One of the best parts about Canada’s long, cold winters is escaping them! Taking a trip to a warmer, sunnier destination during the ice cold months of the year has become somewhat of a tradition in Canada. With plenty of trips south, Snowbirds have become experts at uncovering the most enjoyable winter vacation spots. The following is a list of the 10 best cities for snowbirds to visit. These are the places with the best beaches, national parks, golf courses, restaurants, and other attractions that make the annual migration south all the more gratifying.

The Best Snowbird Vacation Destinations

  1. Boca Raton, Florida, a mid-sized city in Palm Beach County, is an idyllic winter vacation destination for active snowbirds. There are plenty of opportunities for fishing, golfing, and sailing. The beaches are beautiful and less crowded than other Floridian hotspots like Miami and Orlando.
  2. Yuma, Arizona is the gem of the Sonoran Desert. The modest population of Yuma literally doubles during the winter as Snowbirds and other travelers flock to this warm, sunny, dynamic destination. There is always something going on in Yuma with plenty of art fairs, dancing, antique shows, concerts, and other cultural events. For RV lovers, this is the winter mecca. Come enjoy golfing, hiking, boating along the Colorado River, and all the sun you could dream of.
  3. Key West, Florida is balmy and beautiful. The locals here are incredibly laid back, the beaches are magical, and the history is intriguing in this southernmost U.S. city. Visit a rich variety of museums and restaurants, stroll past Ernest Hemingway’s home, try deep sea fishing, or go snorkeling at Key West’s magnificent coral reefs.
  4. Costa Rica has many amazing, paradise-like places to enjoy. Tamarindo is one of the most developed tourist destinations, making it ideal for Snowbirds who want to explore all that this beautiful country has to offer in a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. With horseback riding, sailing, snorkeling, yoga, and plenty of wildlife refuges to explore, you may end up extending your trip!
  5. San Diego, California is known for magnificent sunset walks along the beach, charming neighbourhoods, and plenty of fabulous restaurants to enjoy. From December through early spring, visitors can enjoy world-renowned whale watching.
  6. Alamogordo, New Mexico has a quaint, friendly atmosphere that serenity-seeking Snowbirds keep coming back to. There is plenty to explore in this pleasant city from ancient Native stone glyphs to The Space Center and Planetarium and the White Sands National Monument.
  7. Napa Valley, California is a vibrant tourist destination that more and more Snowbirds are flocking to. The area is known for great wine tasting, fantastic spas, and amazing restaurants. Don’t forget to take a hot air balloon ride while you are there to enjoy the stunning views.
  8. Las Vegas, Nevada has the mild climate that Snowbirds crave, as well as plenty of activity for travellers who want their winter holidays to be filled with excitement. Enjoy countless shows, casinos, restaurants, and some of the most intriguing hotels and accommodations in the world.
  9. Sedona, Arizona is a truly magical place for Snowbirds in search of a unique and peaceful winter vacation. With stargazing tours, spiritual events, Native American art, and of course the Red Rocks, Sedona is a special treat for travellers.
  10. Panama City Beach, Panama is the up and coming Snowbird destination. More and more winter travellers are heading way south to enjoy the crystal beaches and warm welcome of this popular winter vacation getaway. There is plenty of hiking, golfing, fishing, and of course, relaxing.

Pre-Trip Check-List for Savvy Snowbirds

Once your winter vacation plans are made, you can start packing your bags. Here is a handy check-list to make sure you have everything in order before enjoying your winter escape.

  • Make arrangements for all your correspondences. Have the post office hold your mail, put magazine subscriptions on hold, let your friends know how long you will be away – the great migration is about to begin!
  • Auto-pay your bills. Most Snowbirds like to enjoy a long stay in the warm, sunny south. Set yourself up to not have to worry about a thing. Put your monthly expenses on an automatic payment while you are away.
  • Tell a friend. Have a trusted friend or neighbor stop by your home while you are out of town to check on things, water the plants, and generally make sure everything is in order while you are not at home.
  • Arrange for your travel insurance so you can travel with peace of mind. As you won’t be covered for medical emergencies once you leave Canada, you want to make sure you have travel insurance coverage in place before you leave. 1Cover has a variety of plans, including a flexible BorderHop policy, Frequent Traveller, and All Inclusive Single Trip.
  • Say goodbye to the frigid temperatures and hello to sunshine. Visit one of the best cities for Snowbirds to travel to this winter. Explore, enjoy, and stay warm.


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