How To Avoid Common Holiday Accidents In The U.S.

You are planning a vacation, and the last thing you want to consider is being involved in an accident. However, the unexpected does happen, and while you may not wish to think about it, it’s best to be prepared and aware.

Part of being ready entails making sure you have the best possible travel insurance. You'd be wise to include contacting the professionals at 1Cover Travel Insurance as part of your holiday planning.

Not only should you be aware of some of the most frequent accidents facing Canadian tourists in the US, but you should also be familiar with how to avoid becoming the victim of an accident.

Let’s take a look at some typical holiday accidents facing Canadian tourists in the US, and how to steer clear of these calamities.

Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents are one of the most common mishaps that plague visitors to the United States.

City Driving – Heavy traffic in the cities can be difficult to maneuver, especially for those who aren’t used to it. When driving in a busy city, pay close attention to traffic lights and signs. Many city automobile accidents occur when drivers do not abide by a light or sign. Not only must you watch your own driving, but keep an eye on vehicles around you too.

Country Roads – While city traffic is tricky, don’t discount the fact that country roads can be just as bad. Country roads are usually one lane each way. Know the passing rules, and if you need to pass another vehicle, do so with extreme caution. Country roads can be curvy and especially slippery in wet weather conditions. Always keep well within the posted speed limits.

Drinking and Driving – It should be a given that drinking and driving is not an option. However, there are those who insist on climbing behind the wheel after a few drinks. Don’t be one of them. If you are going out for an evening that includes alcoholic beverages, make sure you have a designated driver who refrains from drinking any alcohol.

Texting – Texting while driving is illegal. Automobile accidents that result from texting while driving are completely avoidable. Don’t be the cause of a senseless casualty. Also, watch out for swerving vehicles around you, or any other unpredictable driving behaviors.

Pool Mishaps

Most hotels and resorts in the United States have swimming pools. Drowning is always a risk, but it less likely than a slip and fall accident. The surfaces around a pool are likely to be wet and slippery. Always use caution when walking on a wet surface. Don’t run, and don’t let others run around a pool. Slipping and falling can result in broken bones, sprains, concussions and similar injuries.

Bites And Stings

Insect bites and stings can be painful even if minor. If you are going to be in a bug-infested area, be prepared and apply insect repellent. There are many excellent brands on the market. If you are in doubt as to which is best for you, ask a pharmacist or your physician.

If you are going hiking or spending time outdoors in an area with bees, spiders, ticks or other insects, be sure to wear proper clothing. Cover your skin by wearing long pants, boots, a long sleeve shirt and a hat.

If you are in an area prone to ticks, be sure to check yourself every day. Should you find a tick, carefully remove it with tweezers. It is crucial to make sure that you remove not only the body, but also the head.

For those who are allergic to bites and stings, be sure to carry precautionary medications.

These are some of the most common holiday related accidents. As you can see, you may be able to avoid becoming a victim if you are prepared and cautious. Be aware, follow rules and laws and have travellers insurance just in case!

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