It's A Love-Hate Relationship - 10 Things Canadians Love And Hate About The U.S.


Like neighbours often do, Canadian’s seem to have a love-hate relationship with the United States. Bickering about one thing or another, while still admiring some of the qualities their neighbor posses, Canada and the US are not much different from any other neighbours.

Here are ten things Canadians either love, hate or maybe find confusing about the United States:

  1. Canadian’s hate how ignorant American’s can be. However, ask a Canadian who spent some time down south in Key West, Florida or Oakland, California. Bet you will hear how friendly the people were. It is confusing, isn’t it?
  2. Canadian’s hate being mocked by their US neighbors for their dialect. Whether they visit with a French accent or simply punctuate the end of their statements with a simple "eh", they do not appreciate being mocked, especially when visiting places with their own type of regional lingo.
  3. Canadian’s love to travel to the US. Snowbirds flock south to the states for the winter. The mild temperatures make wintertime bearable. Families love to travel to the many attractions such as Disneyworld, Universal Studios, the Grand Canyon, and fun cities like San Francisco, Miami, Las Vegas, and New York.
  4. Canadian’s love the hockey rivalry they have going on with the US. From the Olympics to the NHL, they enjoy when they can put the US teams to shame.
  5. Speaking of sports, Canadian’s hate that the US spends all this time and effort on foolish sports like football, baseball, and basketball. Don’t they know it’s all about the hockey?
  6. Canadian’s hate the foolishness of the United State’s medical insurance mess. Why doesn’t the United States simply adopt Canada’s health care policies?
  7. Canadian’s love the Mexican food in the US. They really did luck out with their other neighbour to the south. The states that border Mexico have some of the best Mexican food in the country!
  8. Canadian’s hate the speed limits in the US. How in the world does anyone know how fast to drive when the rules keep changing? In Canada, there’s the school, urban, rural, and expressway speed zones. In the US you turn the corner and the speed limit changes; drive a mile on the freeway or interstate and all of a sudden you have to go slower for no apparent reason.
  9. Canadian’s hate the paper currency in the US. What’s up with it all being the same colour? You have to examine faces of ex-presidents and look at the amounts to confirm what bill you are handing over to a cashier. Canadian money is like a rainbow, so easy to decipher. Unless of course you are colour blind, then US bills are just fine.
  10. Canadian’s hate the US when it comes to their measuring system. The rest of the world uses the metric system, why won’t the US hop on board?

As you can clearly see, there is a love-hate relationship going on with these neighbours. Canadian’s will continue to find good and bad in the United States. As long as travel and trade stay good between the two, a healthy push-pull between love and hate is to be expected.

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